Graduated Licensing Program (GLP)

Medallion Driving school has partnered with Drivewise,
BC to offer the most comprehensive driving package!

The GLP program includes both classroom (via zoom) and in-car
lessons training to train you, as a new driver, the best skills to become a
safe and confident driver. 

  • Balanced Learning Approach: Our GLP program is structured to offer a balanced approach to learning. With a combination of classroom instruction (Via ZOOM) and in-car training, we ensure that you not only understand the theoretical aspects of driving but also gain practical skills to navigate real-world situations

  • Flexible Lesson Schedule: We understand the importance of practice, which is why we encourage spreading out driving lessons. This allows ample time for at-home practice, reinforcing the skills learned during in-car sessions. We recommend saving the last few lessons for dedicated road test preparation closer to your desired ICBC road test date.

  • High School Graduation Credits: Successfully completing our GLP program can earn you 2 credits toward high school graduation. It's a fantastic opportunity to simultaneously advance your education while mastering essential driving skills.

  • Accelerated Graduated Licensing: Meeting ICBC's requirements through our program could potentially save you six months in the "N" stage of the Graduated Licensing Program. We prioritize your progress, helping you advance through the licensing stages efficiently.

ICBC Graduated Licensing Program Requirements

To qualify for the benefits of our GLP program, students must complete and pass all components of the course in the learner's stage within 12 months of starting the program. Our experienced instructors guide you every step of the way, ensuring you meet these requirements and excel in your driving journey.

Embark on a transformative experience with Medallion Driving School's GLP program. Take the first step toward becoming a safe and confident driver. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, and trust us to guide you through a seamless learning journey. © 2023, Medallion Driving School, Your success starts with us!